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We are a family run traditional butcher with over 60 years’ experience with family links dating back to 1822, our son looking to be 8th generation in a long line of butchers.

We are master butchers and members of the worshipful company of butchers.

“Our goal is to offer top quality and value at all times, Build personal lasting relationships with our customers and our community, Have credibility with our customers, colleagues and suppliers and Give the best service we can.”  

We only buy quality animals locally sourced naturally reared and bred including beef, pork and lamb, of the right age and physique.In fact, everything about them must be 100%.   We follow that principle right through the whole process so that the manufacturing is only done with fresh, high quality meat on a daily basis. We only use reputable suppliers and can determined the origin of all our products.

“We want to support our farmers and producers and understand that local is by far the best”.

We mature the meat naturally and use traditional methods of preparation to ensure flavour and texture. Our beef rumps and loins are hung for up to four weeks.

Whether you fancy a perfect cut of pork loin with rind left on so you get the best crunchy crackling to a nice tender tasting horseshoe gammon, providing customer satisfaction is our priority.

We have total control of every piece of meat that comes in here and the end result. There is no added fat or water in any of our products.

We stock a vast range of BBQ meats, make your own kebabs or buy readymade. All steak cuts readily available from T-bone to the juiciest tasting Ribeye steak, minted lamb chops and belly draught etc.

All our sausages are produced on site hand linked and made using the finest quality meat. We stock several varieties including gluten free and a seasonal flavour.

We offer our homemade burgers, home-cooked meats including salt beef, home-made pies and ready meals.

Along with traditional seasonal poultry, with fresh chickens and fresh eggs available all year round and much more.

We offer specially selected freezer packs or freezer packs of your own choice can be made to suit all requirements.


We offer wild game in season including venison, mallard, goose, partridge, pheasant, quail, rabbit, hare, and wild boar.

“We are a butcher for all seasons.”

We also stock on request ostrich, kangaroo, crocodile, bison and springbok.

We offer plenty of cookery advice, the latest recipes and Barbecue advice is also available.

We aim to always provide the best level of service whether it be for a few small items or a very large order.

We look forward to serving you